Monday, November 23

Catskills Cabin Dream

If I could I would be heading up to spend a cosy Thanksgiving in this 1840's Cabin in Upstate New York. Owned by the Painter Sean Scherer and his partner Mark Mayer  they have managed to capture an inviting atmosphere that is surprising and ingenious while at the same time being completely welcoming and enticing.

The entrance Hall

His Mercury glass collection

An antique card catalogue with  an anatomical drawing of a bat above it

The living Room with an old slaughtering block as a coffee table. I could just curl up and read a book on that patchwork quilt.

The Parlour, grown up without being too precious

and how clever is this ? Vintage Bird drawings pasted onto the walls as wallpaper

and the same idea using Soviet Posters and Newspapers

and here pages from a vintage journal, such a simple idea and so beautiful.


I love the shot of Lemon Yellow amongst the moody Teals and dark greens

and in case you were wondering some examples of his work from 2006.
You can read the NY Times article on their website or see more pictures of the Interior.
Or go to Sean Scherer's website to see more of his work.

Discovered on a new to me lovely blog  Katy Elliot.

All Images Andres Serrano from NY Times website
Except for final Image from Sean Scherer website


  1. there are so many things about this that I love- I think the ONLY thing I don't Love is the bright blue paint. The walls-especially the old ledger paper- Is so brilliant. la

  2. This is a very lovely post. Their home has imagination, ingenuity and warmth.
    You are making me feel very homesick. We had a home not far from there in the Hudson valley. I too wish I could spend Thanksgiving in New England.

  3. What a cozy, beautiful place. Perfect for an authentic Thanksgiving experience. Thank you for sharing!

  4. This looks great! I hope you will visit my antebellum DIY renovation blog sometime. Here's a post about our Thanksgiving.

  5. Vintage Bird drawings pasted onto the walls for wall paper and ledger paper. Very interesting ideas. Wonderful house, inside and out.

  6. Love it. Would be delighted to help you on your quest. Please visit and contact me if you or someone you know would be interested in my services.

    Keep at it!



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