Tuesday, March 29

New York Armory Red and White Quilt Show

Yesterday I went to the
to see the Red and White quilt show
On display were 615 quilts
All the private collection of one woman.
They were so beautifully displayed
hanging lit overhead
but you were still able to get up close to some

The fact that they shared a common palate
made the patterns all the more compelling as you were not distracted by
the use of different colors

The work was exquisite
and thinking that a lot of it was done by candlelight
or gaslamp....

Now where are my needle and thread.............

All photographs by Helen James


  1. Helen,
    Found your blog when I was looking for this quilt show. Your photos are wonderful.....thanks for sharing!

  2. So inspiring! Thank you!

  3. The quilts are so beautiful. The detail and design exquisite. I love your photos.



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