Tuesday, August 11


This has to be one of my favourite photo shoots I ever did. We shot it in 2004 and I think it looks as beautiful today as the first time I saw it. The collection was based on the paintings of Vermeer and i feel it totally evokes that while remaining modern and fresh.

The model is Julie Flynn from Morgan the agency this was her first ever photo shoot. She since went on to grander things, including a John Rocha ad campaign. She totally captured the innocence and grandeur I was after.

We painted Julie's hands to add an otherworldly and painterly feel. Make up by the talented Tom McInerney . The amazing Sonya Lennon styled the shoot for me, she is now the presenter of the TV show Off The Rails but back when we shot this she was just an amazing stylist whose fresh eye and incredible talent made my pieces look so beautiful.

The final touch was the vision and wonder of photographer David Timmons. It was the first time I worked with him and I hope to do so again real soon.
I truly loved doing this shoot, it was hard work organising it and they can be prohibitively expensive , but this one was worth it all


  1. Unbelievably gorgeous work, Helen! It's hard to believe these are photographs...they are so painterly and moody and visually arresting.

  2. holy moley! your work is gorgeous and you definitely captured the Vermeer look you were seeking -- it also reminds me of the 1930's era (I love that era, i.e., I think Persephone Books)...

  3. Oh, may I please have an ensemble for an event this week.
    I would be the talk of the town! I adore your work.

  4. Of course PVE! thanks for popping by.

  5. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


  6. Helen, your work is impeccable and so gorgeous. I just can't get enough of these images.

  7. It's the painted hands that do it! These are beautiful.

  8. Helen I am in awe! Agree with Patricia I have an Artist Reception on May 13th for my new exhibit, will announce shortly on my site. I would adore any of thse ensembles.Reminds me of The Girl with the Pearl Earring. Equisite!

    Art by Karena

  9. i am dying! Those models were so styled up, their hands and forearms are tinted in a neutral to support the edgified clothing! But of course you know that! Sheer absolute genius! Sweetkali



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