Wednesday, July 27

Coral, Red, Orange?

Guess what colors I am loving at the moment
I am drawn to

The new Ikram store in Chicago
How incredibly Chic and Bold

Summer Toes

A classic shape with a fresh palette

This image on
Simplicity lifted from mundanity by a pop of intense color
and worn with such insouciance

Jil Sander Spring 2011
The influence of this collection was overwhelming!

Tuesday, July 19

Merci Paris, Egg London and shopping

installation at Merci by Li Edelkoort

I don't need to tell you about
The inspirational retail experience founded by
Marie-France and Bernard Cohen
The people behind childrens label

Tapping in to the belief that the customer who goes to a store wants an experience.
This is a place you can buy clothes for yourself, your kids
 and items for your home
 a second hand book and you can eat!

In this day when everything you could desire is a click away
Sit curled on your own sofa steaming mug of tea in hand and purchase a book,
So why would you bother to go to an actual store
Why would you jump on a plane and FLY to Paris ?
Because this store like a handful of others in the world
Is not just offering product
They have delved into something deeper
They have delved into your emotions


images from Accessorator

When I visited EGG in london for the first time I had such an overpowering feeling
I did not want to leave
I wanted to sleep there
There, it seemed everything would be perfect
 in a pale chalk and indigo blue wash of inspiration
Maureen Doherty has also, through a curated focus and impeccable eye
managed to create a shop that offers more than just a quick fix of retail therapy. 

Retail giants in an attempt
(some more successful than others )
 to capture a little of this magic are collaborating with smaller
and more exclusive brands
A recent example is the
Missoni for Target
launching Sept 13th in the US
An ambitious project of 400 items from suitcases to bicycles

It's fun and true to the brand
The reality is most of America is unaware of Missoni
But I am sure there will be a rush on these items

personally I have my eye on the bike

Thursday, July 14

A pause

It is hot in NY at the moment
Not too hot

Yesterday our electricity went out
No Air conditioners
No Fans
No lights
within 10 mins NY became too hot

But in that moment
The light coming in through the window was so beautiful
and it gave me pause

The color of the light hitting the greenery near the window



Tuesday, July 12

Ai Weiwei

Tiny handmade porcelain sunflower seeds
Installation at The Turbine Hall
in London

These hanpainted porcelain seeds cover the floor
and people walk on them .....
such a beautiful and thought provoking concept

Seen via mindmaded

Thursday, July 7

Monday, July 4

stars and stripes

Star Star 
by the Frames

image from Lonny

I want to paint my tiny NYC bathroom like this

Happy 4th of July


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