Thursday, February 24

Portrait of Isabella Blow

Portrait of Isabella Blow

Garance Dore 
The Blogger extraordinaire
posted this image today from
It is a sculpture consisting of stuffed animals and feathers

I find the execution of this enthralling
Creating an image from a shadow 
something from nothing
so thought provoking and inspiring
as a creative person I am constantly
Looking, questioning and exploring
I have been reading

 A book by the insiring

The journey of the creative mind is a fascinating one
we can be our own worst critic
"Compare and despair"
We need to remember to give back to the well
the creative well
so I have begun my explorations 
i will keep you posted

Sunday, February 20

Danko Steiner

I saw this

Photograph of Hamish Bowles by Danko Steiner
Which reminded me of This Shoot
Because of this detail
and lead me to
To Discover 

Final 3 photographs by
Danko Steiner

Monday, February 14

Klaus Haapaniemi

I am loving the magical scarves and throws
of Finnish Illustrator
Klaus Haapaniemi
Available from

Tuesday, February 8

Hair and wake up

 Living in New York and working away from home,
my daily routine of crocs and tracksuits just doesn't cut it any more......
Now I have to dress for work
and while the atmosphere is very relaxed a girl likes to put her best foot forward.
The snow, ice, freezing rain etc is a challenge I must say
particularly as most of my winter clothes are in my mothers attic
and I am out the door at 7am.
I am trying to do the clever thing of laying out tomorrows outfit the night before's a work in progress
Here are some outfits I have been finding inspriring.

The fabulous Phoebe Philo
Love the tailored jacket over the chunky knit

Love these colours

another dilemma I face is what to do with my hair

This is such a great hairdo

These 3 images from Hanelli Mustaparta
This is very cool , from the Michael Kors show
but a little impractical

mine has grown quite long and I like to wear it up 
elastics hurt my head and those claw things are not very chic!
In fact I have often wondered why the world of hair accessories was extremely 
lacking in good ideas that were easy but also 
looked good.

Today I discovered these

they twist in to your hair are incredibly simple and give you that tousled bun affect
that's the kind I like
and they stay in

To order them online you can go HERE
Also this weekend got a manicure and eyebrow wax
......... I AM turning in to a New Yorker

NOTE: This is MY opinion and I was NOT paid any money nor given any gift to express this.........just  saying, in honour of transparency

Tuesday, February 1

Brooklyn in the snow

Brooklyn 7am 
Last week
A city with a fresh coat of paint


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