Friday, February 26

Chateau de noisy by Talk Urbex

Found this very interesting site Talk Urbex it is a coming together of a community of "guerilla" photographers:

Talk Urbex is a community site for those with shared interests in “draining” (when exploring drains) “urban caving”, or live/derelict “building hacking”. Its function is to provide an online environment for members to share tips, locations, and photos and to encourage others to join the crew

They take photographs of derelict and abandoned buildings including this enchanting but slightly spooky abandoned school. I love the idea of the photographers shooting these images with adrenaline pumping, for fear of being caught or falling through some floor boards.
You can really sense the presence of past lives here, did you notice the balloons on the stairs in the first image? Not sure if the photographer placed them there? They add to that feeling that everyone just up and left one day, like they dropped everything and ran.
I would love to do a photoshoot here.

Also have you been over to NOWNESS yet? A new site backed by heavyweights LVMH. A little sceptical at first, I am very impressed with their initial offering of a short film by Hairdresser Sam McKight and Photographer Matthew Donaldson. It is a slow motion image of Lily Donaldsons flying hair. Sounds interesting? No, it is Captivating and beautiful.

While you are off checking out things you should also head over to  The Considered Ensemble, a new Blog where they invite people to tell them about the outfit they are wearing. But, unlike other "style watch" blogs this one is all words . Scroll down to view mine.

Wednesday, February 24

The woods

Some people want to live by the Sea. For me it's always been about The Woods................

Tuesday, February 23

Modern Elegance

How elegant is this man? I think he looks Regal, like a modern day Prince. I love that his top is actually a tracksuit but the way he teams it with this blazer and scarf transforms it. It adds a little pop of colour at the wrists and collar.  Also that slant on what could be an ordinary beanie hat, escalates it to a 21st century crown. I have no idea who he is but I like the cut of him as they say in these parts

Sunday, February 21

Small apartment, Brooklyn

Having only 178 sq ft of space has not stopped this 25 yr old New Yorker from thinking big in terms of design. Following on the "more is more" ethos of design he has outfitted his Brooklyn apartment on the budget of an apprentice with the panache of a connoisseur.  The key to the success of this apartment is he has treated each corner as an individual tableux. Everything is considered.

Rather than de-clutter he has filled every available inch with a possession, but every piece is carefully placed and arranged into "collections".


I particularly love the backsplash in the kitchen; planks from Home Depot stained with green wood stain and varnished with yacht varnish. Although he says he doesn't cook in the apartment as he can't live with the lingering food odours.

The red chair $10 from an upstate antique store adds a welcome pop of colour in the office area.

all images NY Times 

A bold cobalt blue in the bathroom.
Now while living in this limited amount of space is not preferential. This youngster shows you that with a little commitment and imagination it doesn't have to be dull, sparse or dingy.
For the full article go to the NY Times website

Saturday, February 20

Florica on Salt and Sentiment

Head to over to the beautiful blog Salt and Sentiment today to see a lovely post on Florica. 
Thanks Salt and Sentment for your kind words.

Friday, February 19

Red lips and black boots

The Perfect Boots, perfect Jeans and the perfect red lipstick. All eternal quests of modern woman.
Yesterday I came across the perfect Red Lipstick. In my mind when I smoothed that rouge onto my lips I was transformed into this.

Kate Winslet for Lancome

Yes, that was in my mind.........The colour was Lancome 116 or was it 161?  I can't remember because it was a limited edition and they had none left in stock! Argh, annoying! I ventured from counter to counter in the make up department trying to match my lips to another colour but couldn't. I feel I may have to mix my own.

But all was not lost ..... I did come across the perfect black boot. I encountered this piece of perfection in the ever beautiful boutique, Smock in Dublin 2.

Just the right amount of attitude but still ladylike enough to wear with a frilly dress.
They are made by Acne  
Soon they will be mine!
Have a great weekend

Tuesday, February 16

Alba Rohrwacher by Peter Lindbergh

For me the best photographs tell a story. I was captivated when I came across this series of 
photographs of Italian Actress Alba Rohrwacher by Photographer Peter Lindbergh  
taken for Italian Vogue.
I know nothing about Alba Rohrwacher but these images make me want to find out more.

All images by Peter Linbergh

She looks a little like Cate Blanchett in some of the images. 
They have a 1920's overtone, an era I return to again and again for inspiration, there is also a sense of a Greek tragedy; the poses, the clothing and headbands.   
Lindbergh is another photographer who studied Fine Art before picking up the camera, don't you think he treats his subject  like a classical statue in some of these images; 1, 2, 4 and 8 particularly.

Lindbergh may be best known for his more overtly sexual images of The Supermodels in the 80's and 90's but as you can see his portfolio is so much more than that.
Visit his website to discover more.

Sunday, February 14

House in the south of France

I am lucky enough to have spent one Christmas in this house in Auzon, in the south of France.

It is owned by wonderful friends of mine and they rent it out every summer.

It sleeps 8 people and is simply beautiful and extremely spacious.
There are many great small French market towns nearby, Hetty and I did some wonderful excursions to them. The kind of markets that are filled with junk, bric a brac and treasures, depending on your own discretion as to what falls into each category.
It is close to Montpelier
If you would like more info drop me an email

Friday, February 12

Alexander McQueen

photo from

 On behalf of Lee McQueen's family, Alexander McQueen today announces the tragic news that Lee McQueen, the founder and designer of the Alexander McQueen brand has been found dead at his home. At this stage it is inappropriate to comment on this tragic news beyond saying that we are devastated and are sharing a sense of shock and grief with Lee's family.
Lee's family has asked for privacy in order to come to terms with this terrible news and we hope the media will respect this.
When The Silentstoryteller rang me to tell me the news that Alexander McQueen was dead I couldn't comprehend it. Such a visionary and Artist. 
In the difficult world of Fashion his label stood alone.
His Work will have a lasting impact.
May he now rest in peace.

Wednesday, February 10

Helen James bag at Talent for Haiti


This is your last chance to nab one of my bags and help a really good cause.
This Helen James metallic leather and cowskin handbag is currently up for sale on the Talent for Haiti ebay site.
bidding ends Thurs evening
Em........ and if any of you would like to buy me these Eileen shields boots
I am accepting gifts
or just click over and buy them for yourself for goodness sake. You deserve them!!  but hurry 
Good Luck x

Monday, February 8

Faded Romantic

Feather star Headpiece Florica by Helen James
all clothes Helen James

So here are the images from the new photo shoot.  Based on Italian 16th century portraits all shot against the background of the beautiful Turbotstown House, Westmeath.

Vintage nightdress
All other clothing by Helen James

All clothing Helen James

All clothing  Helen James

Headpiece and flower belt Florica by Helen James
All Clothing  Helen James

Headpiece and flower in hand Florica by Helen James
All clothing Helen James

The photographs were published yesterday in The independant Newspaper, to read the article go HERE
To read more on the background of the Shoot go HERE
All photographs by EJ Carr 
Model Vanessa at Morgan The Agency
Hair and Make up Ivey Sullivan at Morgan the Agency
All clothing and accessories (unless stated otherwise) by Helen James
Concept and styling by Helen James

Friday, February 5

New items on Florica


2 new items up in Florica Shop.
Both are Haircombs.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 4

Oil and Wellingtons

photo by Helen James

Up in Dublin yesterday I came across these beautiful Oils in Fallon & Byrne. I was initially drawn to the packaging, but then I read the labels......... avocado oil? Pecan oil? em.... roasted Pistachio oil!, along with many others including Roasted Walnut, Sesame and Truffle infused oils. I am sure any of these would add instant panache to some salad leaves.

They are made in France by "La Tourangelle , an artisan producer of the finest quality oils" according to their website, which is beautiful, by the way and they also have recipes.


 I didn't purchase any and am regretting that time I will.
However I also saw these........

on sale in Brown Thomas for €15 reduced from €50.
So while Roasted Pistachio Oil could be considered a luxury, in my life wellington boots are a must have! I do of course already own a pair but they are old lacklustre soggy green wellies and a girl needs to feel good while she is shovelling manure into the Roses, so, I decided a pair of these, at this bargain price was definetely in order. But which colour? I like the yellow but not sure, what looks like red in the photograph was actually more of a pink, no didn't want the pink, black a bit dull, blue? yes the blue are nice, a bit different but not so much as to have the Farmer sniggering and calling me a  city slicker blow in, ( which he would have every right to do ) so Blue  it was ! 

They have a bit more shape than a regular wellie and are ever so comfy, watch out weeds I am getting prepared. 


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