Tuesday, March 29

New York Armory Red and White Quilt Show

Yesterday I went to the
to see the Red and White quilt show
On display were 615 quilts
All the private collection of one woman.
They were so beautifully displayed
hanging lit overhead
but you were still able to get up close to some

The fact that they shared a common palate
made the patterns all the more compelling as you were not distracted by
the use of different colors

The work was exquisite
and thinking that a lot of it was done by candlelight
or gaslamp....

Now where are my needle and thread.............

All photographs by Helen James

Tuesday, March 22


Can anyone tell me why there are no COS stores in the US?

Basically it is one of the few high street shops that I go into and want everything in there
They also do a great kids line
and they have a great site which features amazing artists, designers and generally interesting people like

Kaat Debo
Fashion Director of
in Antwerp

follow this link to read the article

I loved these shots of the accessories

Still lives with shadows

Monday, March 21

Happy Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday

2 yrs old
Last weekend

New yellow coat
New blue linen trousers

Blue skies in New York this weekend
so even though today is grey
Feels like Spring is just around the corner

Monday, March 14

The Pier Antique Show etc....

Saturday Morning I took myself off to
With some new NY pals
Oh Heaven
The joys of living in NYC
Rows and Rows of antiques, jewelry and vintage clothing

A Louis Vuitton Trunk anyone?

......................My purchases were somewhat smaller and more modest
I was looking for bargains
The find is always sweeter for me when I don't have guilt....
Here is what made it's way home with me

A small Brass devil pin

$8, bargained down to $6

A small chain link bracelet

$16 bargained down to $14

which I will wear mixed with thin gold bangles
and a small gold chain bracelet

A Tweed suit
$40, bargained down to $35
I will wear the peices seperately

I Loved meeting the dealers and seeing all the characters shopping

It was really some of the best people watching I have had
in a long time!
Wish I had more snaps for you..........

Also made a new friend
who purchased this fabulous hat
unfortunately the photo came out blurry
but I had to post it anyway

The fabulous Angela
A vintage aficionado!

Have a great week guys

Monday, March 7


A belated thank you to all at
who delivered these beautiful flowers to me last friday
Part of their friday free flower giveaway
They made my week

Wednesday, March 2

Dries Van Noten

My love for this man will never cease.............

All images from


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