Wednesday, May 30

Donya Coward

Just came across the work of 
You know that feeling when you see something and your heart races
Almost like a little panic attack.......
A panic attack about just how exquisite something is.....
Donya uses vintage lace and beading to create these 

The magpie above and Zebra are my favourites
The eyelashes..... !

Intricate and exquisite 

Monday, May 28

Sheridans Food festival

Yesterday was Sheridans Food Festival
there were so many things I was looking forward to
and it did not disappoint

This really is an exciting time for food in Ireland
I was blown away by not only the quality but also the quantity of
incredible food producers here

The cheese selection was amazzzzzingggg
and I love my cheese
There were also fantastic breads
good coffee

a new to me tea label

Some of them smelled so good I could have worn them as perfume
I purchased the Morrocan mint....... delicious

There were Food "celebrities "
including Donal Skehan 
and the Doyenne of the irish food movement herself

If you don't already own her book then you must go and buy it
Indeed any of her books, they are all must haves and ones you will go back to again and again

As well as food there were a small number of non food items
including my Friend Vanessa from
Very Pure soap

I use the face oil and oil cleanser and they are really great products
especially if you have sensitive skin

THE Highlight of the day though had to be finally meeting
I Married an Irish Farmer
......and her son

Imen did a cookery demonstration
chicken with honey dressing
and little potato and cheese tartiflettes
(not really sure what to call them )
But they were both YUMMY
the recipes will be up on her blog soon

I also purchased some of
Keogh's  hand cooked crisps = yum
A pottery bowl
some Dunany Rye bread (kicking myself for not getting some of their flour too) 
Coolea cheese
Killeen cheese
Clonmore cheese
as I said I like cheese

we all do

So good job Sheridans
I will be back again next time 

x x

Thursday, May 24

Lemon Meringue Pie

Or should I say 
Lemon cream meringue pie

Who doesn't like lemon meringue pie??

For 28cm flan tin

250g flour
130g butter cubed and cold from the fridge
tspn cold water

grease your tin and line bottom with greaseproof paper
put butter and flour into food processor
blend until you get breadcrumb texture
add tspn of water and blend until it comes together
you may need to add another teaspoon of water
Tip out onto cling film (seran wrap) 
and pat together
refrigerate for at least 30 mins
 after 30 mins remove from fridge and leave for 10 mins to reach room temp
roll to circle big enough to line your tin
Line your tin and bake blind 
(if you need instructions on that click HERE )
leave to cool 

While your case is baking you can make the lemon curd cream

75g butter
150g sugar
zest and juice of 3 lemons
1 egg
2 egg yolks
 75ml double cream
place butter, sugar, zest and juice into saucepan and heat gently until sugar is dissolved
Place eggs and egg yolk into bowl and beat well
pour egg mixture in a slow steady stream into butter mixture stirring constantly 
keep heat very low
continue stirring until mixture thickens enough to coat the back of a spoon
leave to cool

whip cream until stiff
add lemon curd to cream and fold in 
(the lemon curd must be completely cool)

4 egg whites
225g sugar
place sugar on a baking tray and pop in oven preheated to 200c
whisk egg whites until peaks form
remove sugar which should be warm but not burnt
slowly add to whites a spoonful at a time 
whisking continually
when all sugar is incorporated whisk for 2 mins more
you should have a thick marshmallow like meringue mix


spread your lemon curd cream across pastry 
spread meringue mix on top 
you want the meringue top to have a lot of points 
these will caramelise and darken
now if you have a kitchen torch you can torch your meringue
otherwise place beneath a very hot grill 
keep an eye on it as it will burn in a second


*note I do not put an eggwash on my pastry case as I think it hardens the pastry 
*the lemon curd cream is also a really great sponge cake
or meringue roulade filling
*in order to use up the left over pastry I made some mini pies simply by greasing a muffin tin and pressing the scraps in to line them 
I got 3 extra mini lemon meringues, 
you could of course make all mini ones which would be great for a party 



Tuesday, May 22

James Plumb

You are probably familiar with James Plumb 
The duo responsible for the cluster lights 

but I only just came across what I think are far more beautiful 
Silk screen lights

Made using discarded silk screens 
from France and India
They are like illuminated paintings
to view more of this duo's work go HERE
to see a great little film on their work for 
a menswear store in London 

Friday, May 18


So I found a place for the little table

It is on the upstairs landing 
Previously a lost, lonely and unloved part of the house
As landings, entryways, corridors so often can be

but with the newly stripped little table 
some books, flowers, indian wooden beads and my 
this now feels like somewhere
Have a great weekend 

Tuesday, May 15

A small before and after

This little cabinet came back from NYC with us 
She (she is a lady right?) has been sitting in the shed for 6 months
When I bought her she was varnished with that awful yellow/orange high gloss
One day I thought she should be white 
and being lazy, with 3 boys in tow,
couldn't be bothered to walk 7 blocks to the hardware store
I decided to paint her with Milk paint, which was all I had at home.
I love milk paint but this was a BAD idea.
Do not paint milk paint onto a varnished cabinet,
but you probably knew that already 
So there she sat, unloved and unused 
milk paint peeling and chipping,
until last week 
I hauled her inside 
Removed the very pretty handles 
and scraped and scrubbed 
with some paint remover and a lot of elbow grease 

and Now here she is !
I didn't worry about leaving a few spots of paint in the cracks and corners,
that gives her character! 
Now I just need to figure out where to put her

Monday, May 14

Rosnaree Vintage Fair

Yesterday we had a fabulous day out at 
The Rosnaree Vintage Fair In Slane co Meath 
Many Country Houses attempt different this kind of event
Some are more successful than others
Rosnaree hit the nail on the head
This was a great family day out 
Admission was reasonable €10 for a family
Food was great 
There was wood oven pizza

and the most incredible spread from 
It is definitely on my To Do list to pay them a visit in Drogheda 

Baxter You are coming home with ME!

As well as great food, there were lots of activities for the kids 
Piles of Hay to throw about (a simple but genius idea that the kids loved)

A gypsy caravan

Shetland Pony rides

Pony and Trap rides

So the kids were busy while Mum looked at 
fantastic vintage clothing
and it must be noted that this really was VINTAGE
NOT a bring and buy sale and NOT new and NOT rubbish 
A friend nabbed an incredible silk printed Jean Muir dress
for €70
there were also great paintings, furniture, china

This Victorian tea set really pulled at my purse strings 

I loved this guy who greeted us on the way in to the house 

I also met many, many old friends 
Including the Indomitable Emily from Loughcrew 

If you haven't been to the Loughcrew  Opera 
It is on this July 20th and 21st
I highly recommend it 
a great evening out ! 

Also ran into Petria from Dolls (one of my favourite Dublin shops and cafes) 

Petria (left) and friend looking incredibly dapper

and I had serious Wisteria envy 

It's becoming a problem 
is I think the Latin name 

I purchased this adorable shirt for my smallest of men 

when we arrived home the same little man ate 2 boiled eggs in a row with his new friend
...... he has Never eaten a boiled egg before !

vintage egg cup €2

So well done Rosnaree ! 
All in all a perfect day out 
well planned and reasonably priced
I look forward to next year 


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