Wednesday, August 31

Iris Velghe

So we made it through 
without any casualties here
My heart goes out to all of those without power
or with water damage or flooding

Beautiful images by
found via

Saturday, August 27

The eye of the storm

During the week, as I am sure you heard, we had a minor Earthquake here in NYC
I was on the 9th floor of a building in midtown 
and apparently the lights were swinging
I was in a lightbox approving color lab dips
and didn't notice a thing.
Many people evacuated our building
For 20 mins we decided what to do 
should we leave the office and try to get home
as maybe transit would be an issue if an aftershock came 
In the end we stayed where we were and there was really no disruption.

Now as we sit and wait for Irene to arrive 
I have to say it is all a little surreal!
I am not accustomed to natural disasters
Ireland has a lot of rain but no hurricanes or earthquakes.
This evening I went to the supermarket on the way home
and it was pretty crazy, 
empty shelves, crowds of people
It actually made me more anxious.
I am staying informed but trying not to plug in to the hype too much
Praying for a safe weekend for all

see you on the other side

Friday, August 26

Miranda Brooks

These outdoor spaces by
Miranda Brooks
are blowing me away

The focus is on greenery,
shapes and textures
and very few blooms
looks so fresh and modern
I love the drawings too

Sunday, August 21

Roman and Williams

I have been hearing so much about The ACE Hotel
and have yet to get there's on my to do list

When Abigail Ahern of ATELIER Abigail Ahern
mentioned the designers 
 the other day on her blog
It needed some further investigation

Which led me to this video on  

definitely worth the watch

"It's a shame to only have dreams at night, you should have opportunities during the day"
says Stephen Alesch

What they create are timeless interiors
drawing on influences from Classical Architecture,
Asia, India and all with a heavy emphasis on texture
I love when they talk in the video about texture and how important it is to them, 
how the Arts have such a heavy focus on visual stimulus and how how limiting that seems to them.

Their interiors also have a touch of whimsy and humour so nothing feels really precious
but like somewhere you could really live
which is what a modern home should be 

You can also read 
about her studio visit to Roman and Williams.

Saturday, August 13

Julia Hetta addition

I know I just posted Julia Hetta photographs 
but I just had to post these too
They are the images that brought me to her 
published in 
and I cannot tell you how much I love them

Thursday, August 11

Monday, August 1


This is the most interesting thing to happen in 
the world of online magazines

since LONNY first published

There have been many debates in the blogosphere about 
online magazines
sparked a flurry of debate

whether you like it or not,
was groundbreaking
There are many more that followed some worthy of a mention some 
.....well lacking 
as the debate was raging 
I was thinking how quick we are to dismiss
In this culture of online fast fixes 
something is hardly given a chance
A chance to find it's feet 
find it's voice 
it's place 
Because there is room for everyone 
and everyone should be given the space to explore and learn 
and discover
If only the things that were most popular survived,
 what a boring and 
dull world THAT
would be!
That is like only having network television
or only being able to shop
at H&M or TOPSHOP 

One of the things that I enjoy about working in HOME 
as opposed to Fashion 
is that the pace is a little more civilized
Things can be developed and nurtured without the fear of doing 8 collections a year 
and the constant pressure to move on
drop what you have been working on because it belongs to last season.

It has struck me living in New York 
One of the fastest paced cities 
That what is new and cool 
what is peaking interest and trending
is to slow down
look back.

drink from a mason jar

make bread

It's like the Internet has given a big voice to a smalltown 
are right on the button


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