Sunday, November 29

And so it begins....

I just purchased the first of my Christmas presents. If you expecting a present from me look away now! This Year as with most years I am trying to support small independent movers and shakers. These beautiful earrings are from Tamar's ETSY shop Nest pretty things.  They are 16K gold plated with vintage beads. They cost $28.00!
I already own a pair myself and have received so many compliments that I went back and purchased a second pair as a gift.
I am hoping to pick up some more interesting items today at the Loughcrew Fair.

Wednesday, November 25

Loughcrew Fair

I will be taking part in the Winter Fair this Sun Nov 29th at Loughcrew House, Co Meath.
There will be Food, Antiques, Vintage clothing, Cashmere, Jewelry and more.
Pop in if you're near by.

Monday, November 23

Catskills Cabin Dream

If I could I would be heading up to spend a cosy Thanksgiving in this 1840's Cabin in Upstate New York. Owned by the Painter Sean Scherer and his partner Mark Mayer  they have managed to capture an inviting atmosphere that is surprising and ingenious while at the same time being completely welcoming and enticing.

The entrance Hall

His Mercury glass collection

An antique card catalogue with  an anatomical drawing of a bat above it

The living Room with an old slaughtering block as a coffee table. I could just curl up and read a book on that patchwork quilt.

The Parlour, grown up without being too precious

and how clever is this ? Vintage Bird drawings pasted onto the walls as wallpaper

and the same idea using Soviet Posters and Newspapers

and here pages from a vintage journal, such a simple idea and so beautiful.


I love the shot of Lemon Yellow amongst the moody Teals and dark greens

and in case you were wondering some examples of his work from 2006.
You can read the NY Times article on their website or see more pictures of the Interior.
Or go to Sean Scherer's website to see more of his work.

Discovered on a new to me lovely blog  Katy Elliot.

All Images Andres Serrano from NY Times website
Except for final Image from Sean Scherer website

Wednesday, November 18

Fred Shand at Anthropologie

photo from anhropologie

Back in 1994 the World Cup was on and I was in a bar on 8th Street in the East Village in NY watching Ireland play, as was every other Irish person I knew. I don't remember if we won or not, but what I do remember is, it was the first Time I met Fred Shand. We were both textile designers transported from our Homelands and became fast friends. We lived, laughed and loved a lot in NYC before both returning to our respective Countries. Now 15 years later and I am in Ireland with 3 children and Fred is living in her native London.
She recently launched her first collection of Homewares for Anthropologie. I absolutely think they are just so beautiful.

photos from anthropologie

The colour palette is coral, black, yellow and ecru. To me the collection is a little bit Eastern with a big splash of India and a good smattering of modern edge.
What you cannot see from these photos is the details in the pieces. The Zig Zag cushion above right is actually appliqued ribbon with a little trim of printed silk. The pattern on the left cushion is made from lots of tiny stitches.


The paisley pattern in the cushion above is again made from black stitches and the coral pattern on the left is appliqued cotton tape.


For the ultimate experience I would go for the quilted pillow shams and bed cover.
Fred kindly sent me some images of the pieces in her own apartment.

photo by Fred Shand

I just adore it juxtasposed with the Turquoise stripe in the window blind.

photo by Fred Shand

And here is a peek at her mantelpiece. You can spot the colour references from the collection, the coral of the eggs, the shots of black and yellow.

photo by Fred Shand

For more pictures and a better view of the details go to the Anthropologie website.
I believe the collection is growing so watch out for more pieces in Spring 2010.

Monday, November 16

Belvedere Winter Fair

 Belvedere House and Gardens, Mullingar Co Westmeath

If you are in the area I am doing the Belvedere Winter Fair this Fri, Sat and Sun.
I will be selling silk dresses, wraps, belts and Leather bags, oh and other bits and bobs.
I'll give you a peek at some of the pieces later in the week, if you'd like.

Thursday, November 12


So I finally got the ETSY shop open. This is what one might call a soft  opening. I have listed 5 items. I would really appreciate any feedback from you guys.

I am planning on doing a giveaway to celebrate so stay tuned

Wednesday, November 11


 My garden summer 2009

I have updated the style of the blog a little so I can include larger images.

Tuesday, November 10

Throw the paint

 Painting by Jackson Pollock

Creativity is a journey.  Bills, invoices, and day to day drabness can often get in the way........... It happens sometimes that I look at my work and think things have gotten a little "stiff" . It is at these moments that I know it is time to "just throw the paint"  you know, loosen up. Tap into a childlike freedom of expression and shake off the mundane that is clouding my vision.
A large piece of canvas spread on the back patio and a can of emulsion usually does the job. You should try it such fun, maybe I'll show them to you one day. 

Lavender mist by Jackson Pollock 

Someone who really knew how to Throw the Paint

Friday, November 6


Those of you who follow this blog may have seen my previous post about Florica   a new line of headpieces I am working on, well I am nearly ready and the packaging is starting to come together so I thought I would give you a look.

Here is the swing tag.


The Box.


Packaging with the product.

I am hoping to have the ETSY shop up next week. 

Wednesday, November 4

Gail Sorronda

Australian designer Gail Sorronda does not use any colour or pattern in her collections. These images are from her S/S 2010 collection "Invasive Exoctics", which is her fist collection since she re-located to Paris. It is her strongest yet, I think, and a promise of fine things to come. Obviously  being a misplaced "Exoctic" in Paris suits her.

I am fascinated by designers who choose to work with a monochrome palette. Colour is such a consuming part of my design process. I originally trained as a textile designer so pattern is vital to me too and I am drawn to labels like Dries Van Noten, Marni  and Missoni who play with these elements so exquisitely. But it is also interesting to my aesthetic antennae when someone chooses to disregard these elements and concentrate purely on structure and form.

An exploration into the unknown territory called Black&White might shake me up a bit. Make me see things in a different way.
As a creative person I am always looking for ways to challenge and expand. So, an all black&white  collection from Helen James coming soon.......................... I don't think so, better to just admire this one.


Monday, November 2

Eilis Boyle

 click on images to enlarge
I need to say Thank You to my friend  Eilis Boyle  who recently used my Florica headpieces and belts in this dreamy shoot.

Eilis' clothes are completely elegant and timeless and each one is so beautifully made with french seams and silk linings they not only look good but feel good to wear too ( I speak from experience)

If you are in the Dublin area you must visit her shop BOW in Powerscourt Townhouse. BOW is a venture between  Eilis and 3 other designers Matt Doody, Momuse jewelry and Wendy's Wardrobe.
Check out Eilis' lovely blog as well Silent Storyteller


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