Monday, September 19

Alex Vervoodt, Wabi Sabi and the little woodwormed table

The movers have been and gone
My treasured possesions are now on the high seas
slowly making ther way across the ocean again.

We are living a spartan/glamping existence
for our final days in the city of New York
and you know what,
 I like it
Less stuff means less tidying up
Less noise
This also coincides with my recent purchase of
and some further research into the japanese philosophy of
Wabi Sabi
I feel like I found my soul

 I cannot get enough of the scrubbed wooden floors, Does anyone have floors like this in their home?

Some years ago a little house in the local village was being demolished
I looked in through the windows and saw an old cracked belfast sink
after a little detective work I got in touch with the owner who told me to go in and take anything I like
I recovered a little desk, some old iron hooks
a mirror, the beflast sink
and a small woodwormed table.
I treated the table, to halt its destruction and set it in my kitchen
I texted Mr HJD who was away travelling:
Is there something wrong with loving a little woodwormed table THIS much
I sat and stared at it for days
I rubbed the worn patina on its face and traced the woodwormed furrows with my fingers

So now, in one week,
I return to my little woodwormed table
and the old familiar patina of my life in a little village in the middle of Ireland
and while the hottest new restaurant will not be opening
their next outpost there, any time soon........

I can't wait.

Tuesday, September 13

J Crew at Fashion week

Love these mood boards from
New York Fashion week
 schedule this morning

Topshop in london
also now have a place on the official
 London Fashion Week schedule

How do we feel about this ?
High street was the follower
Now they are being given a place at the table with the leaders
Have they become leaders?
Do they set trends.......

Well in my opinion
in these 2 cases, then Yes they do
The influence of J Crew on how
 America dresses is not to be underestimated
Certainly from what I see on the streets of NY
J Crew is definitely influencing and not just being influenced
They do have a point of view
a unique point of view
and it is very apparent in the way
women and men are dressing.
Also people are styling themselves to look like J Crew
without necessarily wearing J Crew
Which surely is a sign of a reach that is beyond what one might have traditionally
expected from the high street

Wednesday, September 7


So in the funny twists and turns of life
I am packing up boxes again
This time to return to Ireland
I can't wait to sink my hands in the dirt of the garden
get back to my studio
walk in the woods
see friends
While the time here in NYC has been AMAZING
I am looking forward to slightly slower pace for a while
There are so many exciting things on the horizon though
not sure if it is going to be exactly quiet!

Stay tuned as I have many NYC posts coming up of things that
I have done here but haven't had time to post about
and will be keeping you up to date on all the exciting changes

Monday, September 5

japanese ceramics

I have always been drawn to the Japanese aesthetic
but I think being back in New York and bombarded with stimuli 
makes me yearn for the simplicity and rawness of this even more

and these Japanese ceramics from 
are making me rethink my career path

Day Birger Mikkelsen

Beautiful images of the Fall 2011 
Day Birger Mikkelsen Catalogue
I have been feeling very Black and White recently
but this palette is exquisite

In other news......
Fall 2011 is bringing big changes to the HJD household

All exciting stuff
I will keep you posted


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