Friday, October 21

August Sander and life

I have not yet been hooked up to the 21st century again.
I am thinking internet will be up and running in about a week
so please excuse the lack of posts
I will be back with gusto and have many photos and thoughts on the change
from Brooklyn NY to Rural Ireland
Lots of exciting things going on and I am sure that the move back was the right thing to do 

In moments my life went from Subway commute to a walk in the woods
Lots of baking and chutney making 
Ordering chickens for the garden
...but don't worry I haven't put down the design brush 
I have been busy working on a very exciting new project 

In the process of doing some research for this exciting new project I came across
the beautiful works of 
and had to post them 
please bear with me until regular posting is back up and running

Monday, October 3


There will be a small delay while I get Internet connection
I expect to be back with all the news about Oct 10th


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