Friday, April 29

Kate and Sarah's Wedding dress

Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa

Simply Exquisite dress for Kate
by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen

Thursday, April 21

Mary Katrantzou by Erik Madigan Heck

Oh I am breathless after taking in these incredible photos of
Spring 2011

They are simply the most beautiful things I have seen this year
Inspired by Pierre Bonnard and Vuillard paintings
Heck took the colorful work of this talented designer and shot to a new level
I am sure that this shoot will open up new doors for Katrantzou
and make editors and buyers sit up and take note

The color saturation and combination is artistry
This is one of the most difficult styles to pull off
Minimalism is restaint
but this is also a form of restraint
The beauty come from knowing just when enough is enough
That is pure talent and intuition
and not something that can be taught

They also make me think of Klimt and Egon Schiele

All images Erik Madigan Heck

Wednesday, April 20

Darr, Hollander & Lexer

Another great store further down Atlantic is 
I love the wooden table set with wooden dinnerware
I would think it too much but actually it is really beautiful, it has a simplicity and purity.
I did purchase a beautiful Horn bangle for $30
(will post it later)
They stock the incredible 
line of fragrance and candles which I have loved ever since I bought 
my first Fig room scent from 
10 years ago
The same owners also have a store across the street 
Where they sell their own line of locally made menswear, 
although when I dropped in there were quite a few items I coveted for my own wardrobe,
along with a few selected labels.

love this image of old shoe lasts from their site

so enjoy shopping 
and buy local whatever that locale may be

Thursday, April 14

Holler & Squall

So The first Shop I visited on Atlantic was
Holler and Squall
Amazing eclectic mix of curiosities and interesting and unusual lighting
Also really good price points!

Holler and Squall has a beautifully curated collection of old and new items, most with very reasonable price tags

I would love this as an Island in my Kitchen......... with the rug included

All above images are from the Holler and Squall blog
As I did forgot my camera
Do check it out for the latest additions to the store

Saturday, April 9

Spring in Brooklyn

Spring is pushing her blossoming head through the dark clouds of winter.

Almost 1 year since I came on my first trip back to New York
Which led to us packing up and moving over

It's been a long winter here

Looking forward to better weather

Today I browsed the shops on Atlantic Ave
some of my favourites coming up in the next few days 

Thursday, April 7

The Gloss

I haven't read the article yet
 but if you are in Ireland check out todays
to read more about me and life in NYC

Sunday, April 3

Ultimate chocolate chip cookies

 Let me preface this by saying I have been searching.......
searching......... searching for the ultimate choc chip cookie.
I have read many recipes and
baked many variations
and I have come to understand that 
your ultimate choc chip cookie might not necessarily
be my ultimate choc chip cookie!

 vice versa

but I highly recommend you try these 
Chewy, with the lightest crisp coating on a soft centre....
and the brown sugar gives them a hint of caramel

After my 11 year old son ate one
 he looked at me with eyebrows raised and said

"mum you are unbelievable!"

The other amazing thing about these cookies is that the recipe came
 from my favourite San Francisco baker
from the english domestic goddess

and not from the little artisan baker around the corner in Brooklyn

The back of the
"Gold Medal All Purpose Flour"

I bought 2 days ago
Sometimes the best things are in the most unexpected places

3/4 C sugar
3/4 C soft brown sugar
1 C very soft butter
1large egg
2 1/4 C All purpose flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
12 oz semi sweet choc chips ( I use Ghirardelli)

Preheat Oven to 375
Mix well together sugars, butter, egg.
Add flour, bak soda, salt and choc chips
Mix well
form walnut size balls place on ungreased cookie tray bake for 11 mins
Until they look like this (see image below)
Leave to cool on tray for 3 -5 mins
remove to cooling rack

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did

Recipe originally from "Gold medal all purpose flour" 
altered slightly by me
all photos Helen James


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