Tuesday, September 28

Irish Talent

Dais from Dais on Vimeo.

A beautiful short film 

Conceived by Sonya Lennon
and Christian Amman

Sunday, September 26

what's new what's next

On Thursday
was being held at the New York Design Centre on Lexington Ave
An Emporium for Interior Designers

I went along to have a look around
I loved the organic lighting by

These reminded me of Sea Anemones and Jellyfish

I was also captivated by the creations of
textile artist

Also this week all of our boxes have arrived from Ireland
I had a helper to unpack
He came prepared 
(sorry for the bad iphone pictures ..it was 6am)

 All of these strange shapes and sizes

 unwrapped to reveal treasures I already owned
Like christmas presents from a best friend who knows
just what you like
All of my cookery and design reference books
This Domino book of interiors, will be dog eared in just a few months

We are trying to make our apartment feel like home
I will keep you updated on all the changes

Thursday, September 16

Monday, September 13

just another weekend in New York City

Well it's been quite a weekend!
Friday night was Fashions Night Out!
I wanted to go home to bed
You are in NYC! 
said my angel/devil on my shoulder
Yes they were right I must
Decided to pick one event and then explore things in close proximity to this!
The event that was picked was 
The Olsen twins at their Elizabeth & James store
The reason?
 The Row A/W10

a) I really admire their label The Row 
b) a friend was playing a gig nearby right after (hey I was always practical)
c) my colleague who was accompanying me wanted to go

We arrived at the store at 6:50
10 mins before they were due
There were not many people around
"sorry ladies, wait here" said the man above
so we waited .....

The queue quickly snaked around the block

passing the time looking at my friends shoes.....
Eventually we entered the store
we were like 2 giddy groupies

The Olsens were looking petite and demure as they manned the cash registers
(no flash sorry)
Job done we were off to check out other things, 
We were in the meatpacking district and it was buzzing 
bands playing on the street, lots of fabulous people
shopping, chatting.
There was a carnival atmosphere

unfortunately the Alexander Mcqueen shop
was just closing as we arrived

we had to make do with looking in the windows

I will go back next week

Saturday morning I went to one of my favourite Brooklyn stores

I want everything in this store
The clothes
The jewelry
The Home collections
I settled on 2 shirts and a dress 60% off in the sale!
Then Saturday evening I met an old friend

The creator of this incredible jewelry collection

it was 7pm 
....don't you love New York

 I wanted these shoes so bad

and this scarf....... you can't believe how soft it was

Then Sunday I was off to the 
DKNY spring 2011 fashion show
It was held on Greenwich Street
in the west village
not in Lincoln centre like most of the shows this season
There were huge amounts of press/bloggers outside
photographing shoes, bags, buyers, celebrities

waiting for everyone to sit and the show to start.

Natalie Massenet from Net-a-porter was opposite me
Hilary Alexander was across the way
Oh, they were all there
The fashion crew
........and me
The show was all about the scarf
The palette was navy, dune, pink and red
You can see it tomorrow on Style.com
I'm off to bed....... I have to get up for work in the morning!

Friday, September 3

The society inc

Every 3 months Sibella Court creates a new palette for 
based on a story she creates by collecting found objects.
I can't tell you how beautiful her site is 

You shall have to go and see for yourself
The Society Inc

Looking through her site made me so nostalgic for
all my bits and buttons and sticks and stitches
that I had spent years collecting
but left in Ireland!
Now I want them all, to artfully arrange on my mantelpiece
and curate into beautiful "scapes".
I guess I will have to start a new collection.

If you happen to live in Paddington NSW, Australia,
Do please visit her shop and let us know all about it


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