Sunday, January 29

Friday, January 20

Would you like a bag with that?

Paper "Hermes" bag
by Wonder Anatomie

Is this an instance where a Fake bag is actually ok?
cost $100


Saturday, January 14


Enjoying the full bloom of my Amaryllis

and the promise of more to come

all photos
Helen James

Tuesday, January 10

New Old Boots

 Looking through my winter wardrobe 
I was lacking a pair of really good brown boots

I did have though a pair of light tan boots that I really liked 
but didn't seem to wear as often as I might simply because 
well, light tan isn't the boot I want to put on every day 
so out came the implements

Good shoe brushes
and good polish 
(I recently learned that you set the polish alight for a moment
which makes it turn liquid and solves the crumbly problem)
a little elbow grease 
and my tan boots 
were transformed to a beautiful pair of brown boots that 
I have worn non stop 
and didn't spend a cent on 
I particularly like the way the brown polish caught 
in the seams

Sunday, January 8

Homemade Yoghurt

Starting the new year with good, healthy, delicious food
homemade yoghurt
with honey, dried cranberries and toasted nuts
I made the yoghurt following these instructions 
Happy New Year


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