Friday, August 28

The Old Rectory

On Thursday evening I went to the celebration of Elevate PR's 8th birthday. As usual Emma from Elevate did a fantastic job. The theme of the event was "The Summer Fair" and there were games, a cake stand, lucky dip and lots of fabulous food but what really caught my eye was the stand that 'The Old Rectory' had set up. The Old Rectory is a screenprinting and design studio run by sisters Stephanie and Joanna Sloan in Brittas Bay in Co Wicklow.
Joanna is an Interior designer and sister Stephanie a graduate of textile design with an MA from The Royal College of Art, London, that's one of her cushions above . I love the clean graphic look of her prints. They run courses on screenprinting from a studio in Co Wicklow which is in the grounds of an old Georgian Rectory. There are day courses and accommodation is available, you can find out more about upcoming events from their website The Old Rectory.
The studio looks amazing so filled with light .....and it opens up on to a private courtyard.

At the party they set up a stand where you could print your own poster or t-shirt in a range of colours.
I thought it was such a great idea for a party it was a focus and talking point as well as being fun and educational. I believe it would be so inspirational to do one of their courses, whether you consider yourself creative or not. They run kid's courses at the studio too. You could organise a really memorable birthday party! They decorated the garden with bunting using the same design.

and everyone got to take home their choice of poster or t-shirt. Oh and they also run courses on setting up a kitchen garden .... what a talented and inspirational pair.
Image 1,2 and 3 courtesy of The Old Rectory
subsequent images Helen James


  1. The beautiful white airy printing studio at the old rectory looks amazing and inspiring, thanks.

  2. Thanks for the post Helen. Great to have you at the party

  3. That's fantastic, I have been looking out for screenprinting courses, so will definitely make it my mission to attend one of these. Thanks for a great post!

  4. Great let me know how you get on Blanaid, and let us know if that studio is as beautiful as it looks!



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