Sunday, September 26

what's new what's next

On Thursday
was being held at the New York Design Centre on Lexington Ave
An Emporium for Interior Designers

I went along to have a look around
I loved the organic lighting by

These reminded me of Sea Anemones and Jellyfish

I was also captivated by the creations of
textile artist

Also this week all of our boxes have arrived from Ireland
I had a helper to unpack
He came prepared 
(sorry for the bad iphone pictures was 6am)

 All of these strange shapes and sizes

 unwrapped to reveal treasures I already owned
Like christmas presents from a best friend who knows
just what you like
All of my cookery and design reference books
This Domino book of interiors, will be dog eared in just a few months

We are trying to make our apartment feel like home
I will keep you updated on all the changes

1 comment:

  1. Helen, I love the looks of the lighting, will be perfect for the right spaces!!

    I know your new home will be fabulous, do show us when it is ready!

    Art by Karena



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