Saturday, December 25

Wishing you a very Peaceful Christmas

This has been quite a year 
to think merely 12 months ago I was preparing for, what was, unknowingly
to be our last Christmas in our house in Ireland.
Now here we are in New York 
The adjustment for the children has been more difficult than
I anticipated but slowly, we are all finding our way.
I thought it appropriate on this Christmas eve to share with you
these beautiful photographs by someone whom I have met in my new life here in 
the big Apple
There is such a quiet peace in her photographs
These are taken from a series called
"Sensible Longing"
They find the sacred in the Urban world
Meghan wrote this about the series
In many ways, the series Sensible Longing grew out of my budding relationship with the Rolleiflex medium-format camera I acquired a year and a half ago. I'd seen some work by another photographer on a Rollei, and I knew right away it was the tool I needed - the tone, the texture, the romance with light were all what I was looking for, plus I quite simply loved the square shape. As I began to learn more about this particular camera, its personality traits and limitations, I really began to appreciate the sensory experience it provides: looking down into the hood, half tuning out the noise around me, I steal a moment alone with the subject, and give myself permission to be present in a way that might not otherwise be possible. It's a contemplative moment, and in keeping with the spirit of the project. I will occasionally will use another medium-format camera, such as a Diana, for the series, but the Rollei is my partner in this enterprise.

Wishing you all the most peaceful and serene of
Christmas Days



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