Monday, March 14

The Pier Antique Show etc....

Saturday Morning I took myself off to
With some new NY pals
Oh Heaven
The joys of living in NYC
Rows and Rows of antiques, jewelry and vintage clothing

A Louis Vuitton Trunk anyone?

......................My purchases were somewhat smaller and more modest
I was looking for bargains
The find is always sweeter for me when I don't have guilt....
Here is what made it's way home with me

A small Brass devil pin

$8, bargained down to $6

A small chain link bracelet

$16 bargained down to $14

which I will wear mixed with thin gold bangles
and a small gold chain bracelet

A Tweed suit
$40, bargained down to $35
I will wear the peices seperately

I Loved meeting the dealers and seeing all the characters shopping

It was really some of the best people watching I have had
in a long time!
Wish I had more snaps for you..........

Also made a new friend
who purchased this fabulous hat
unfortunately the photo came out blurry
but I had to post it anyway

The fabulous Angela
A vintage aficionado!

Have a great week guys

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