Friday, October 21

August Sander and life

I have not yet been hooked up to the 21st century again.
I am thinking internet will be up and running in about a week
so please excuse the lack of posts
I will be back with gusto and have many photos and thoughts on the change
from Brooklyn NY to Rural Ireland
Lots of exciting things going on and I am sure that the move back was the right thing to do 

In moments my life went from Subway commute to a walk in the woods
Lots of baking and chutney making 
Ordering chickens for the garden
...but don't worry I haven't put down the design brush 
I have been busy working on a very exciting new project 

In the process of doing some research for this exciting new project I came across
the beautiful works of 
and had to post them 
please bear with me until regular posting is back up and running


  1. So nice to hear you're settling. I can't help but feel you've made the right choice too... my recent trip made me really think about it and I'm still thinking about it.

    I'm excited to read your thoughts as they might hook up with yours. My inklings obviously run contrary to the mass exodus right now!

    Sorry we didn't get to meet up, but such a busy time for you and in the end I scheduled too little time in Dublin. Hoe you continue to settle in well xx

  2. Helen wonderful photographs! I am so excited to hear more about your new adventures!

    Do come and enter my Designer Pillow Giveaway!! (Also a great resource)


    Art by Karena

  3. How to get rid of allergies

    Hi Helen, I’d should talk to you here. Which is not some thing I do! I quite like reading a post which will make people believe. Also, many thanks permitting me to comment!

  4. Hello. Stumbled upon your blog after searching for the photographer August Sanders, whose name I came across in my Diane Arbus collection... Isn't he phenomenal? I can't believe I'd never heard of him. Thank you for showcasing these remarkable photographs. Your blog is beautiful!

    Shelley McEuen

  5. I really enjoyed your black and white photos. They are intense.



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