Monday, June 18

Flowers and Cake

What could be nicer than Flowers and Cake?
So when a friend called me recently and asked if I would provide both 
for her daughters upcoming christening 
of course I said 

A large bouquet of Peonies, sweet william, laurel, cow parsley, mint, foxgloves
and honeysuckle
All the flowers were sourced either from my own garden, a local grower or the side of the road

My respect for Florists increased 
This is physical work!

I think this Posey of Roses with Lupin and Jasmine was my favourite 
The theme of this was scent

There were cakes  as well

The icing station

 Carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting 

Chocolate cupcakes 

and Vanilla cupcakes below 
for which I individually made each rose
in retrospect I think the above petals/flowers look just as good and were so much easier

Things have been a bit all over the place recently
lots of coming and going and reflecting and decisions

Change is something I fear
but attempt to embrace
It often makes me want to retreat like a Tortoise into my shell
I feel quite protective even if I know that the change is a positive thing
I am a big believer in
"feel the fear and do it anyway"
that doesn't mean you don't feel it 

So here's to change and the future


  1. POssibly a new calling...always love your floweral posts would love a garden like that myself;-) Beautiful pictures....and a lucky friend;-)

  2. How valiant you are to make all those lovely rose-adorned fairy cakes.

    I used to be all for change and my guiding principle was that when faced with two options to go for the one of greater change, but now, at my age, I have rather made the life I want and am no longer so gung-ho about change for its own sake. Good luck with your decisions.

  3. Hello Helen

    The christening party must have been a huge success. Your flower arranging skills are superb and I love how you sourced all the flowers. Sending you good wishes

  4. Thank you yes I do love arranging flowers and also have a wedding of a friend in August that I am doing Flowers for ....looking forward to that
    Mise yes I agree that change can be more difficult as we get older but sometimes change is a decision not a choice and it can stir us up even though we did not know that we wanted to be stirred.......

  5. I think I'm like you... I make myself do things even when I'm nervous and people confuse that for confidence, which is the last thing I have.

    I hope your changes are all good ones. I certainly know you'll have people signing up for flowers and baked goods after this post - Swoon!



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