Saturday, March 30

Pear Back

I cook to relax
Currently I am away from home 4 days a week working in Dublin
and when I come home at the weekends I bake
Baking, for me, is a form of meditation
I can concentrate on what I am doing and not worry about anything else 
It is also a great activity to do with my 4 yr old son, who is very happy to help
The problem with this is 
All this baking leads to a lot of baked goods
and a lot of baked goods in the house leads to a lot of snacking on baked goods 
This, in turn leads to me no longer fitting in to my jeans .........

So, I am at a turning point
The last week I have been on a Staycation
There has been a lot of baking......
So, if you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed my pins in the last 24 hours
 have changed from this 

To this 

I have decided it's time for a change 
This is my plan 

1 Start Running 
2 Go back to Bikram Yoga
3 Cut out refined sugar
4 Eat a healthy breakfast
5 Cut down (way down) on Carbs
6 Add more fresh fruit, vegetables and seeds to my diet

It's not rocket science......

This is what I have achieved so far

1 Start running
Bought new sneakers, I actually went to a sports shop and did a fitting where they video you running and recommend the correct shoes for you. 
I have heard too many injury stories from cheap sneakers.
I downloaded the  "couch-5k" running APP
Yesterday did my first run EVER!
I did enjoy it
although it was tough at times and I wouldn't say I LOVED it

2 Go back to Bikram Yoga
I used to practice Bikram and I did love it but I haven't done it in 6 years
I did a little research online and found out 
there is a bikram studio literally 3 mins from my office
signing up when i return from Far East trip next week 
Bought a Yoga Mat 

3 Cut out refined Sugar
I had a little chocolate yesterday 
Hey it's progress
Bought Agave syrup 

4 Eat a Healthy breakfast 
This morning had a delicious smoothie
frozen raspberries, frozen banana, clementine juice (didn't have any oranges), natural yoghurt, oats and chia seeds (both were soaked for 30 mins) 1 tsp agave syrup
yum! and a good by product is everyone else in the family had some too
(i didn't tell them bout the oats or chia seeds)

I also made Granola 
I followed this recipe
but substituted flaked almonds for the nuts (only because this was what I had)
I added the flaked almonds 10 mins before end of cooking time 
I substituted Agave syrup for Maple
I also added apricots and raisins to final cooled granola
This is delicious 
I love ginger though 
If ginger isn't your thing simply leave it out 
This is a very simple and very delicious granola 

5 Cut down on carbs 
I am not cutting out carbs completely
but none after lunch 
I will eat bread but only brown and seeded
I will also eat Short grain brown rice

6 Add more fruit, vegetables and seeds
Doing well so far
(see 4) 
I also find that simply cutting out carbohydrates makes me make better choices 
that is, not a croissant for breakfast 
not a white bread sandwich for lunch 
not a cake for a snack
It takes a little more thought and planning though. 
Yesterday i bought Chia seeds and lots of fruit and veg
This is an easy one for me really as I actually love fruit and veg and all kinds of salads 
I just forget sometimesor I fall in to the trap of waiting
until I am absolutely RAVENOUS 
before I eat 
this almost always leads to a bad decision  

So, that is it 
Stay tuned for my progress



  1. Good for you! I need to do the same thing big-time.

    It's so hard to take care of ourselves in the right way (not just the comfort ways) when we're working so hard. Go easy on yourself too.

  2. Thanks Jane
    Yes I agree sometimes the "healthier" option is more difficult
    I picked a fine time to start as well ...... today being easter sunday and easter eggs being my favourite form of chocolate ever
    so I am allowing myself 1 small buttons easter egg all to myself !!!!
    moderation is the way forward i think

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