Sunday, June 30


I rarely talk about Fashion anymore on here
Now that I don't make clothes anymore 
My relationship with Fashion has changed 
We were a long term stressed out Marriage that took each other for granted 
and had forgotten why we got together in the first place 
Now we can enjoy each other again
With a new found appreciation and none of the pressure
Knowing that our relationship is for fun and not for life 

On that note I particularly loved the Chloe Pre Spring show 

 Flat sandals with a ballgown
so chic and modern

 Accessory lust

all images
simplicity and elegance
This is how I want to dress

1 comment:

  1. That sailor outfit is sooo cute! 100% Luna <3 I'm surprised these are from Vogue, though. Maybe this is a misstatement, but the fashion they highlight has always seemed so "out there" to me. These, however, are very beautiful.



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