Sunday, August 25

Salted Butter Ice Cream

Ice Cream + Butter + Sea Salt = AAAHHH DELICIOUS

Salted Butter Ice Cream 

400 ml milk 
320 ml double cream 
100g butter
4 egg yolks 
130g sugar
big pinch sea salt

heat milk and cream,
In a mixing bowl whisk egg yolks and sugar until pale

remove milk and cream from the heat and add butter 
let stand for 2 minutes until butter has melted
pour mixture slowly over eggs stirring continuosly
pour mixture back into pan and heat until thickened
leave to cool completely
preferably in the fridge overnight (but ok to just leave for a few hours)

Pour into ice cream machine 
or freeze in a container and remove every hour to whisk away ice crystals 



  1. How lovely. I've tended to salt icecream by adding salted peanuts (and nice choc chips) - somehow it never occurred to me to cut out the peanuts and add salt directly.



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