Sunday, October 6

Falling into Autumn

Autumn has well and truly wrapped her temperate hands around Ireland 

The balmy days of summer are a distant memory 

Although the days are shorter 
There is something wonderful about the onset of this new season 

This was a bumper year for our Apples
If you happened to visit me in the last few weeks no doubt you were sent 
home clutching a paper bag of these beauties
The excess were carefully wrapped in newspaper and stored in the outhouse 
I do foresee quite a few Apple crumbles, pies, tarts in our future 

were you surprised when you took a bite and the pink tinged flesh revealed itself
The name of this Apple is 

The menu has changed 
From Tarts and salads to 

Steak and Guinness Pie
made for a visiting Brother 

With an Autumnal Pavlova to finish 

Honeycomb, chocolate Pavolva with toasted almonds and toffee sauce

On the weekends
Planting Spring bulbs 

or maybe a walk in the woods 

Spiderman costume optional 

So many mushrooms around right now 
Unfortunately I am not a confident Mushroom connoisseur 
Not a risk worth taking !

Conkers, on the other hand provide little danger 
and we filled our pockets 

Hope you are enjoying the new season too

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