Sunday, February 2


 Homemade Chocolate Digestive biscuits argument from me 
Who doesn't love a chocolate digestive

100g medium size oats*
50g wholewheat flour
50g plain flour
100g cold butter 
50g light muscovado sugar

pre heat oven to 190c 
If you have medium oats place in food processor along with flours
*if you only have jumbo oats (as I did) place them in the food processor
and blitz for a few minutes to reduce their size

add butter and blitz
add sugar
blitz until it comes together in a dough

turn out onto lightly floured surface
roll to 5mm thick and cut with 7cm cookie cutter
(makes 14-16 biscuits)

bake for 16-20 mins 

cover in chocolate if desired 
they are honestly nice either way 

recipe adapted from country homes and interiors



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