Tuesday, August 3

matteo home

The heat and humidity in New York
has me longing for the cool drape 
of vintage linen sheets from
which i saw last week at 

Based in Los Angeles, Matteo do simplicity and quality
I am really thinking of a black and white theme for the new apartment

These would work perfectly.

all images reproduced with permission from Matteo


  1. Gorgeous...now I am longing for these as well!

  2. nothing is better than soft, gently worn and well washed linens ... love these.

  3. Love this line their soft jersey clothing helps ease the pain.

  4. No bedding compares to Matteo.
    Their website shows their new collection of bedding and apparel.
    (They have a free shipping promotion going on through the end of October - use code OCTFree)



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