Tuesday, February 8

Hair and wake up

 Living in New York and working away from home,
my daily routine of crocs and tracksuits just doesn't cut it any more......
Now I have to dress for work
and while the atmosphere is very relaxed a girl likes to put her best foot forward.
The snow, ice, freezing rain etc is a challenge I must say
particularly as most of my winter clothes are in my mothers attic
and I am out the door at 7am.
I am trying to do the clever thing of laying out tomorrows outfit the night before
.............it's a work in progress
Here are some outfits I have been finding inspriring.

The fabulous Phoebe Philo
Love the tailored jacket over the chunky knit

Love these colours

another dilemma I face is what to do with my hair

This is such a great hairdo

These 3 images from Hanelli Mustaparta
This is very cool , from the Michael Kors show
but a little impractical

mine has grown quite long and I like to wear it up 
elastics hurt my head and those claw things are not very chic!
In fact I have often wondered why the world of hair accessories was extremely 
lacking in good ideas that were easy but also 
looked good.

Today I discovered these

they twist in to your hair are incredibly simple and give you that tousled bun affect
that's the kind I like
and they stay in

To order them online you can go HERE
Also this weekend got a manicure and eyebrow wax
......... I AM turning in to a New Yorker

NOTE: This is MY opinion and I was NOT paid any money nor given any gift to express this.........just  saying, in honour of transparency


  1. I adore these looks! It really is challenging in winter, isn't it? I think, come February in Toronto, we've all just given up on our nice shoes! Maybe that's why we're so OTT on manicures and eyebrow waxes! (I remember when I first moved here and I felt like all women did was hop from spa to hairdresser to nail shop!)

  2. Great ensembles!! I am always layered, we have more snow coming in tonight!!

    Come and join my amazing giveaway from Splenderosa!

    Art by Karena

  3. I'm with you on the hair elastics, and have become converted to butterfly clipss (probably the same as claws?) - Monsoon sell some that are more chic than most. And now I need to try those intriguing twisters you mention. Bless New York for its high standards!

  4. yes Mise butterfly clips and claws are one and the same and while they have their place, for me they don't say "professional woman in control!" .......know what I mean?

  5. Jane I know, you can tell an Irish girl a mile away, hair, nails and teeth!!!!

  6. Gorgeous outfits, love the JCrew.
    Hugs from Brasil

  7. after looking at all this horror to understand one thing - how well all the same that I have short hair. There are no problems with hair

  8. I like your hair style. Honestly speaking, I didn't know that it is incredibly simple to make it. In honour of transparency, Id' like to recommend you professional essay help online.



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