Thursday, February 24

Portrait of Isabella Blow

Portrait of Isabella Blow

Garance Dore 
The Blogger extraordinaire
posted this image today from
It is a sculpture consisting of stuffed animals and feathers

I find the execution of this enthralling
Creating an image from a shadow 
something from nothing
so thought provoking and inspiring
as a creative person I am constantly
Looking, questioning and exploring
I have been reading

 A book by the insiring

The journey of the creative mind is a fascinating one
we can be our own worst critic
"Compare and despair"
We need to remember to give back to the well
the creative well
so I have begun my explorations 
i will keep you posted


  1. These are amazing ... curiosities and eccentricities.

  2. This site is something that differs greatly from other websites. So much taste, style and beauty!!

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  4. you called it a portrait?? this???? ha, don't make me laugh :D :D :D

  5. HOW?? How it could happens?? OMG, have no words, just impressioned %)

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