Thursday, April 21

Mary Katrantzou by Erik Madigan Heck

Oh I am breathless after taking in these incredible photos of
Spring 2011

They are simply the most beautiful things I have seen this year
Inspired by Pierre Bonnard and Vuillard paintings
Heck took the colorful work of this talented designer and shot to a new level
I am sure that this shoot will open up new doors for Katrantzou
and make editors and buyers sit up and take note

The color saturation and combination is artistry
This is one of the most difficult styles to pull off
Minimalism is restaint
but this is also a form of restraint
The beauty come from knowing just when enough is enough
That is pure talent and intuition
and not something that can be taught

They also make me think of Klimt and Egon Schiele

All images Erik Madigan Heck



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