Tuesday, May 3

Savage beauty by Alexander McQueen

opens at the Met May 4th
I will get there this week
If it kills me

All images from Met Blog

Interestingly I was in the McQueen store last week
and was struck by how beautiful it was and how it reminded me of a museum
Each piece felt Museum worthy.... exquisite

Tonight is the Costume Institute Ball
My ticket must have gotten lost in the mail

Image from Barneys

But Daphne Guinness had hers
and was getting dressed in the window of 
Barneys at 5pm today
You can watch the video HERE
Fashion Performance Art

New York 
you gotta love it!


  1. Where in the world can my invitation be! She looks fabulous and I would just love to see the McQueen collection.

    Art by Karena

  2. Daphne Guinness is a true artist. Stunningly attractive and interesting.
    Beautiful post Helen

  3. wow, c'est superbe, si vous passez par paris, ne ratez pas l'expo de mme Grès au Musée Bourdelle, stéphane



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