Monday, September 19

Alex Vervoodt, Wabi Sabi and the little woodwormed table

The movers have been and gone
My treasured possesions are now on the high seas
slowly making ther way across the ocean again.

We are living a spartan/glamping existence
for our final days in the city of New York
and you know what,
 I like it
Less stuff means less tidying up
Less noise
This also coincides with my recent purchase of
and some further research into the japanese philosophy of
Wabi Sabi
I feel like I found my soul

 I cannot get enough of the scrubbed wooden floors, Does anyone have floors like this in their home?

Some years ago a little house in the local village was being demolished
I looked in through the windows and saw an old cracked belfast sink
after a little detective work I got in touch with the owner who told me to go in and take anything I like
I recovered a little desk, some old iron hooks
a mirror, the beflast sink
and a small woodwormed table.
I treated the table, to halt its destruction and set it in my kitchen
I texted Mr HJD who was away travelling:
Is there something wrong with loving a little woodwormed table THIS much
I sat and stared at it for days
I rubbed the worn patina on its face and traced the woodwormed furrows with my fingers

So now, in one week,
I return to my little woodwormed table
and the old familiar patina of my life in a little village in the middle of Ireland
and while the hottest new restaurant will not be opening
their next outpost there, any time soon........

I can't wait.


  1. I applaud the love for a small woodwormed table; the glittering socialite life, although a welcome change once in a while, is never as good as the reality of timeworn honest goodness.

  2. This is lovely. I adore this outlook you have on this move. It cuts right down to the grain.

  3. Thanks Ladies, yep a woodwormed table beats the glitter every time, in my book,
    Jane I hope we get to hook up when you are home

  4. Hello Helen
    An exciting time for you and may the woodwormed table continue to infuse joy in your life. No doubt you are bubbling with ideas and designs.
    Helen xx

  5. Echo the comments above!

    It seems so clear,through your soul-infused visuals, that your environment must be a soul-based one that recognizes that real beauty is honest, true, beloved, appreciated and non-artifice.

    This is not NYC.



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