Tuesday, September 13

J Crew at Fashion week

Love these mood boards from
New York Fashion week
 schedule this morning

Topshop in london
also now have a place on the official
 London Fashion Week schedule

How do we feel about this ?
High street was the follower
Now they are being given a place at the table with the leaders
Have they become leaders?
Do they set trends.......

Well in my opinion
in these 2 cases, then Yes they do
The influence of J Crew on how
 America dresses is not to be underestimated
Certainly from what I see on the streets of NY
J Crew is definitely influencing and not just being influenced
They do have a point of view
a unique point of view
and it is very apparent in the way
women and men are dressing.
Also people are styling themselves to look like J Crew
without necessarily wearing J Crew
Which surely is a sign of a reach that is beyond what one might have traditionally
expected from the high street

1 comment:

  1. Helen, yes J Crew is classic with a zing, the brights mixed against neutrals of cream and grey!! Love these mood boards!


    Art by Karena

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