Saturday, November 5


Who can deny there is something about making your own bread
Something primal
a deep sense of... I am in control of my life....
In order to make bread you need
 1 main ingredient
yes I know there are quick recipes
and you can knock out a loaf of brown soda bread pretty sharpish
but for a yeasted loaf you need to be in the moment
while the physical acts of kneading, proofing, rising,
may actually take 20 mins of work
the timing and co-ordinating means you must be able to pay attention

The act of making bread was something I really missed while living in NYC
as I never seemed to have the expanse of unfilled hours it takes
to occupy yourself with yeast and dough
So it is with GREAT pleasure that I return to the pasttime

I am a huge fan of the
No knead method of bread making
But the above baguettes were made using the Poolish method

Bread is food for my soul

photograph by HELEN JAMES


  1. Hello Helen

    I was delighted to find you name on my blog roll today. I agree, bread making is personal and an art form and the joy of the baker comes through in the finished product.
    I bake, with soda and buttermilk. I have not tried using yeast and will one day.
    Thank you for the links and have a joyful weekend.

    Helen xx



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