Saturday, November 26

random cakes and jobs

Oh I had every intention of writing beautiful individual posts for each one of these lovely items 
 ................. but I just am not going to be able so here in a brief but enthusiastic manner

Made Crab apple chutney- the tree was laden 

Spiced Pear cake

Made with my own Pears

Picking flowers
there were still quite a few blossoms in the garden in late Sept
Roses, Michelmas daisies, Japanese anemone's, lady's mantle
I missed picking flowers from my garden so so much while I was in NY

There are many jobs that need doing around the house

 getting the goose neck gate hung

organising winter fuel

Tying up the wisteria.......
3 years and am hoping, fingers crossed that next year it will flower!
oh and last week I was in Hong Kong



  1. Hello Helen

    I laughted when I scrolled to the last image "and btw last week I was in HKG" . From images of peaceful domesticity to the brights lights on Hong Kong, you experienced it all.
    I love it. Nothing like variety! He Hee

    Helen xx

  2. Helen quite the life..never dull!

    Your chutney and pear cake look delish!


    Art by Karena



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