Sunday, January 6

Keith McNally London Home

This Month's House and Garden is a cracker.
Is it me or is this publication getting better and better
I was both surprised and delighted to find amongst it's pages photograph's
of the Home of Keith McNally
I have never seen press on any of his homes before
If you don't know who Keith McNally is then you are certainly not a New Yorker 
and if you have ever visited NYC then you have certainly eaten in one of his Restaurants
The list is extensive 
(for a full list and an interesting article on Keith you can go HERE)

And now he has returned to his place of birth, London and opened up a London Balthazar

Keith just gets it right every time
One of things that is mentioned in the H&G article and that I have always felt 

"it is key to his restaurants that while they are stylish they are never elite"

I think Keith changed the way we eat, the way we socialise.
He levelled the playing field in a way 
His restaurants are not inaccessible 
Ok, they may be pricey for some pockets and we're not eating there every day 
but what I mean is 
Prior to the Reign of Keith 
hip restaurants were stiff, extortionately  expensive and elite 
His restaurants changed that
 and his house is just as stylish as you would expect 

all images are from the pages of House and Garden 
Photographer Simon Upton

Also IN H&G this month is a beautiful home in London belonging to the founder of
and a beautiful award winning home belonging to Sebastien and Lucy Fenwick
I highly recommend you hit your news stands and purchase it

just in case you are wondering 
this is my opinion and NOT at all, in any way paid for or endorsed by anyone 
as is everything I post on my blog


  1. We shall miss balthazar (leaving nyc sat)!


    Keith has not only an Aga but a chandelier And retro Victorian school chairs. #chic

    He does have an exquisite eye, you are right.

    Waving from Manhattan!

  2. If you want to have a special home then it's pretty clear that furniture is an essential part, as seen in your post also. I recommend considering fitted furniture for future refurbishment projects, as they can be a very practical addition to a home, but also a subtle one!



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