Saturday, February 9

The garden

The weather is perfect for pruning
warm, dry (ish) 
I have spent most of the day and a good day last weekend back out in the garden
That first work day of the year is a momentous one for any gardener
As you see the first shoots peeking up 
the ground is warming
the garden is waking up and so to do my gardeners fingers
Have you been watching Monty Don's French gardens on BBC
Last night he was talking about secateurs and how they changed the way we garden

Invented in 1818 by a French Noble man called 
Marquis Betrand de Molleville
who fled to England during the French revolution
Secateurs gave gardeners a way to make a clean cut with less force and 
get into places that were previously unreachable
 They literally shaped they way people gardened 
and still do today 

While everything is looking a little bleak in the garden right now 
there is something so promising about those bright green spikes poking through the debris
and it reminds me of what I can look forward too

 foxgloves in the garden last summer

last June in the garden

Clematis  and honeysuckle

The resolve and promises that this year it will be different
I will weed once a week
I will remember to stagger my seed planting
I will clump plants together to create impact
I will clear another patch of border from the grass
I will finally get around to reclaiming the vegetable patch ...........
well, I may achieve one of these
but the great thing about gardens is 
whatever I do, whether I procrastinate or not the garden will do it's thing 
the plants are not waiting for me to make a decision 
they are getting on with the business of growing 
I look forward to june and july when I can sit and look again at a green patch bursting with life 
but for now I am content with the promise 

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  1. Hello Helen, your pictures are looking as elegant as ever, I am really glad that I checked your blog this morning because you have inspired me to get back out in to the garden again. I am reclaiming our "field" of a garden, with the help of my wonderful six year daughter, she is a very keen gardener and has so much patience. Thank you for your beautiful inspirational words and pictures. Best regards Rachel



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