Saturday, March 21

considered by Helen James

 Well its been a long time but I have not been idle 
Things have been so hectic......... and are due to continue along that path 
but I did want to pop back here and say hello and let you know,
 in case you hadn't heard,
that my new range launched at Dunnes Stores (Ireland's largest retailer)
is a range of bakeware, textiles and food
that I have designed and developed 
All of the food is made in Ireland and I have also worked with local producers to create bespoke wooden chopping boards and wooden furniture which is made in my local village in Westmeath.
Also made in Ireland are a range of candles that I designed to be burned in your kitchen, with scents like Basil & Fennel leaf and Lemon Balm.
This collection is a culmination of a dream to bring my love of design
and passion for food and baking together
I hope you like it 


  1. just read your article via facebook in the indo - lovely read. Best of luck with the new show! I also lived in the East Village in Manhattan and now in my cottage in Roscommon :D

  2. That cake!!!!!!! I need info on it please!!!! What is it?! Looks divine!

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