Thursday, October 22

Bright Star

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I am really looking forward to the new film "Bright Star" by Jane Campion. Chronicling the 19thC love affair of Poet John Keats and Fanny Browne the whole thing looks so beautiful.
This has to be the coolest site for a forthcoming film I've ever seen.  Jane Campion refers to it as her "scrapbook"

You get to see little stories from the set

Notes and items from the Art department including this invitation to a Ball


A collection of photo's from the director of photography

Photographs of the houses where they filmed

and much more, it is a small window into the world of film making, in particular Jane Campion's film making and is fascinating.  The little details we don't usually get to see. The attention and care that goes into the momentary components that are noticed barely and usually only if they are wrong. It is so nice to give them a space to be appreciated. I only wish there was more about the costumes.

To find out more and view the trailer go here Bright Star

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  1. Call me a hopeless romantic, but you can't beat a costume drama.. s'up Collin Firth... Love it when a new one is released, big up those Cads and bounders! Thanks for the heads up there Helen! x

  2. Looks like it will be a beautiful film, and the website (scrapbook) sounds like such a fantastic and interesting look into the making of a movie!

  3. Hi Helen, My son(13) is an actor he is becoming more interested in all aspects of the process he will love the site you recommended in this post. He is staring in a short film being shot Normandy, I am not allowed to cut his hair they want to style him. all the best from Paris.



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