Monday, October 5

Hermes pour Liberty

So you are probably aware of the Hermes and Liberty collaboration. If not then basically from Sept 7th to Oct 18th there is an Hermes pop up store at Liberty in London. The two houses have collaborated and Bali Barrett, creative director of Hermes, created special edition scarves for the event.
 Photo from Liberty
She used liberty Tana Lawn cottons and placed the iconic "Ex Libris" hermes print on top to create a new and collectable item for a limited time.
Liberty have set aside what was the jewelry room as a scarf haven showcasing the 2009 collection with stylists at the ready to help you tie your Hermes masterpiece and a monogramming service from 1-5pm daily.
I think an Hermes scarf is on most ladies "wishlist", it is an iconic item and an heirloom, so yes I was tempted to purchase one but, that will have to wait until another day to be crossed off.
BUT what I would have loved to have taken home under my enthusiastic arm was this!

A scale model of Liberty made out of Hermes orange boxes! I can't believe they didn't release pictures of this in their press releases! Isn't it fantastic. For those of you who don't know Liberty looks like this.

Photo from New York Times
So pretty great job! 

It is hard to see (iphone picture blown up) but on the little orange canopy Hermes is written and there are pictures of ladies in Hermes scarves in all the windows, the attention to detail on the beams and lattice work is incredible.
I think they should have made these available to buy ! Iconic, yes! Whimsical, Yes! On my mantelpiece Yes Please!


  1. Hi, I was just wondering how you got signed up for the sartorialists book signing in Dublin?? Saw your comment on his site! BTW I love the Hermes pour Liberty collection, hoping to get my hands on one of the larger scarves! Hermes windows are always so beautiful. Love their one in Brown Thomas at the minute!

  2. The model is adorable,so welcoming, best advertising ever, you are right, it should have been promoted more!



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