Tuesday, October 27

Sarah Moon

Even her name is dreamy. The work of photographer Sarah Moon is captivating and fantastical. From her earlier works printed on sepia paper, a process from the 1920's.
For Dior
To her 2002 series "Circus"
Sarah Moon CIRCUS 2002

She manages to capture the everlasting in the new. Each image has a timeless and fairytale quality and in the "Circus" series she captures the theatrics of that life but also a feeling of remoteness, bleakness and all with a beauty and a dignity.
But, it is her color images that really grab my soul.
 For Comme des garcons

For Hussein Chalayan

La robe a pois

Le parfum

 For Issey Miyake
For Madame Figaro

The saturation of colour, softness, the blurry edges, it is a testament to how far Fashion photography has come. 
To read a great article by Susannah Frankel called 'Frocks and Fantasy' go to The Independent Newspaper website. 

All photo's courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery


  1. Those colour images are fascinating. In some of them there's almost a sense that the model is carefully positioned behind a cardboard (or starched fabric) facade of clothing, like a chic and dreamy Brighton parade.

  2. They are beautiful and so different from any other fashion photography. Every single photograph has a point of view. For example the Issey Miyake is all about the shap contour achieved by colour combination...

  3. Those circus pictures are absolutely stunning...I especially love that one of the woman with the elephant mask. It is sort of tragic looking and sad and poignant all at once.

  4. I know Laura (what I like) isn't that one incredible and it looks like it was taken in the 1920's not 2002. You can see more from the circus series on the Michael Hoppen website. I believe that Moon uses a polaroid 665 camera for a lot of her images,

  5. They are such an ethereal quality to them. They're like a dream.

  6. I absolutely adore this woman's work. For years, I had her Biba posters adorning my walls and once I began working, I tried to schedule her for a shoot, but it was not to be. One of the finest compliments I ever received was from a man who told me I reminded him of Sarah Moon. I think it was my style, dress, manner and sensibility since
    she avoids publicity. Thank you for referencing the article which I can't wait to read



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