Wednesday, November 4

Gail Sorronda

Australian designer Gail Sorronda does not use any colour or pattern in her collections. These images are from her S/S 2010 collection "Invasive Exoctics", which is her fist collection since she re-located to Paris. It is her strongest yet, I think, and a promise of fine things to come. Obviously  being a misplaced "Exoctic" in Paris suits her.

I am fascinated by designers who choose to work with a monochrome palette. Colour is such a consuming part of my design process. I originally trained as a textile designer so pattern is vital to me too and I am drawn to labels like Dries Van Noten, Marni  and Missoni who play with these elements so exquisitely. But it is also interesting to my aesthetic antennae when someone chooses to disregard these elements and concentrate purely on structure and form.

An exploration into the unknown territory called Black&White might shake me up a bit. Make me see things in a different way.
As a creative person I am always looking for ways to challenge and expand. So, an all black&white  collection from Helen James coming soon.......................... I don't think so, better to just admire this one.



  1. I am fascinated with crows, they a sleek and smart. Their calls comfort me. The first image looks like a human crow, shape-shifting.

  2. Thank you for your very nice comment. I thought it might be fun to show the process of photographing a simple still life with things around and not much fuss. Like everything in life, its not as easy as one thinks, nor as difficult. I'm glad you made me discover your blog. I'll call again. Best, Ivan

  3. So nice of you to visit Mr Terestchenko, delighted to make your acquaintance



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