Tuesday, November 10

Throw the paint

 Painting by Jackson Pollock

Creativity is a journey.  Bills, invoices, and day to day drabness can often get in the way........... It happens sometimes that I look at my work and think things have gotten a little "stiff" . It is at these moments that I know it is time to "just throw the paint"  you know, loosen up. Tap into a childlike freedom of expression and shake off the mundane that is clouding my vision.
A large piece of canvas spread on the back patio and a can of emulsion usually does the job. You should try it such fun, maybe I'll show them to you one day. 

Lavender mist by Jackson Pollock 

Someone who really knew how to Throw the Paint


  1. Yes, do show! I'd love to try it but I'd be afraid my children would help me.

  2. You are so on the money with this! I could actually feel myself breathing again.

  3. I'll join you for a desperately needed paint throwing session please!!!



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