Wednesday, November 18

Fred Shand at Anthropologie

photo from anhropologie

Back in 1994 the World Cup was on and I was in a bar on 8th Street in the East Village in NY watching Ireland play, as was every other Irish person I knew. I don't remember if we won or not, but what I do remember is, it was the first Time I met Fred Shand. We were both textile designers transported from our Homelands and became fast friends. We lived, laughed and loved a lot in NYC before both returning to our respective Countries. Now 15 years later and I am in Ireland with 3 children and Fred is living in her native London.
She recently launched her first collection of Homewares for Anthropologie. I absolutely think they are just so beautiful.

photos from anthropologie

The colour palette is coral, black, yellow and ecru. To me the collection is a little bit Eastern with a big splash of India and a good smattering of modern edge.
What you cannot see from these photos is the details in the pieces. The Zig Zag cushion above right is actually appliqued ribbon with a little trim of printed silk. The pattern on the left cushion is made from lots of tiny stitches.


The paisley pattern in the cushion above is again made from black stitches and the coral pattern on the left is appliqued cotton tape.


For the ultimate experience I would go for the quilted pillow shams and bed cover.
Fred kindly sent me some images of the pieces in her own apartment.

photo by Fred Shand

I just adore it juxtasposed with the Turquoise stripe in the window blind.

photo by Fred Shand

And here is a peek at her mantelpiece. You can spot the colour references from the collection, the coral of the eggs, the shots of black and yellow.

photo by Fred Shand

For more pictures and a better view of the details go to the Anthropologie website.
I believe the collection is growing so watch out for more pieces in Spring 2010.


  1. Such a great story-These designs are definitely references to India with their own unique styling. I love the image of her chair with the great navy pillow in it. la

  2. Love Anthropologie

    Ruth @ Matches

  3. i know and you lucky Londoners now have it on your doorstep

  4. Oh yes! These pillows are stunning. The entire line is inspired. I bought one of the yellow and black ones, irresistible. Thanks for letting us know Fred is a she!



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