Monday, June 28

Bloomin Marvellous

While I was in New York for 3 weeks
Nature was busy
and the garden is looking so wonderful

White Lupins, Lady's Mantle, Fennel, Flowering Sage
a yellow flower I have no idea what it is (do you?)
and lots of weeds

Lady's Mantle, Fennel, Delphinium.........buttercups!


and white Peony beside blood red Astrantia
I liked this so much that it was the inspiration for a small bouquet for a friend

I will have no outdoor space in New York
I will miss picking posies
and tending to it, planning and waiting and being surprised
A garden has taught me to have patience, trust and faith.

So I hereby declare 
I would like a garden in NYC 


  1. WOw, tremendous. YOu should do a huge blow up of the first and paste in on a bloomin' Brooklyn wall.

  2. Such BEAUTIFUL flowers. I see exactly why you'll miss them.

  3. Helen
    what a stunning garden... i must admit i am really enjoying reading all about your adventures, your tales and pictures are so inspiring.
    Wishing you and your men lots of luck, adventure and love in NYC

  4. Beautiful garden I would never want to leave it!!!
    xoxo (fellow Irish bloggers - take a look, we'd love your feedback)

  5. The yellow flower is Lysimachia punctata. Your garden, cat and I miss you terribly. I enjoyed your incredible crop of apples a great deal though!



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