Friday, June 4

London, The Albion and Ottolenghi

Ok so finally sorted the technical difficulties.

OK Lets begin our trip to London...
The evening of my arrival we went to The Albion in Islington 

image via the albion website

The Albion is just what one would expect from a Gastropub
and they have everything just right !
Great menu, 
friendly service, 
relaxed atmosphere,
 very reasonably priced,
oh and an incredible garden

Basically when someone tells you they are bringing you to a London gastropub this is what one expects and The Albion delivers. 

Friday morning
 This was the day we were off to The Chelsea Flower show
First we went for breakfast.
Ottolenghi was the first highlight of the trip 



Lemon Meringue tarts
all images taken by my shaky hand on my iphone

The display looked like something from a Nancy Meyers movie....perfect!!
As we were leaving they were putting out the salads which were works of Art, 
colour, texture and of course taste.
My companion gave me a gift of their cookbook and I read it all the way over on the plane
The Food is Middle Eastern based (personal fave) but very modern and with
unexpected turns! 
I can't wait to get into my new apartment and start cooking up a storm
You should checkout their site and they also have a blog
If you like to cook I HIGHLY recommend this cookbook

and next time you are in London this place should be top of your list.

Stop by Monday for The Chelsea Flower Show and Egg
Have a great weekend

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