Wednesday, June 16

NYC living

So I am settling in to my new NYC apartment.
I am loving the area which is Carroll gardens in Brooklyn.
Currently the furniture situation is pretty scarce....romantic minimalism!
but I am looking forward to searching the local antique stores and flea markets.

Some of my first acquisitions are this little cobalt jug $1 at a local flea market
and this milk glass vase $3 
The Peonies are from the sunday farmers market


  1. i think id up heave my family and dog for the flowers alone....sighhh! Looking forward to seeing more from nyc.

  2. Nice to hear from you Helen. I know you are busy...but nice for the update. I am stateside too and buying peonies every week. I special indulgence that I could rarely find in Eire. (but will now be growing them).
    Best to you, Imen x

  3. hi helen,
    would love to know more!!

  4. Our peonies are out in the garden now (dark pink), the garden is looking good with all this Irish sunshine. Have fun at the flea markets.
    Love Morag xx

  5. Did I miss the move announcement? Congrats and welcome to this side of the pond. Hope you're settling and loving it :)

  6. Such sweet finds! Have you gotten settled in NY?

  7. Wait, I see that you are all moved. How are you getting along since moving to NY?

  8. A big welcome to Brooklyn! You may have already found it, but Brooklyn Flea market is a great resource--it's every Saturday now until November in Fort Greene, and every Sunday on Flatbush Ave. ( Shout out if you need any help!

  9. How could I have missed this-but I did. exciting news! pgt

  10. Thanks all for your lovely comments, Jacinta yes I know the Brooklyn Flea...... it's great, although sometimes a little pricey!!



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