Monday, August 1


This is the most interesting thing to happen in 
the world of online magazines

since LONNY first published

There have been many debates in the blogosphere about 
online magazines
sparked a flurry of debate

whether you like it or not,
was groundbreaking
There are many more that followed some worthy of a mention some 
.....well lacking 
as the debate was raging 
I was thinking how quick we are to dismiss
In this culture of online fast fixes 
something is hardly given a chance
A chance to find it's feet 
find it's voice 
it's place 
Because there is room for everyone 
and everyone should be given the space to explore and learn 
and discover
If only the things that were most popular survived,
 what a boring and 
dull world THAT
would be!
That is like only having network television
or only being able to shop
at H&M or TOPSHOP 

One of the things that I enjoy about working in HOME 
as opposed to Fashion 
is that the pace is a little more civilized
Things can be developed and nurtured without the fear of doing 8 collections a year 
and the constant pressure to move on
drop what you have been working on because it belongs to last season.

It has struck me living in New York 
One of the fastest paced cities 
That what is new and cool 
what is peaking interest and trending
is to slow down
look back.

drink from a mason jar

make bread

It's like the Internet has given a big voice to a smalltown 
are right on the button


  1. This is so nice, Helen.
    Thank you for the thoughtful words

  2. You guys did an amazing job
    I look forward to the next issue

  3. Helen
    I like what you said here. It is like bird song, it would be boring if only the sweetest songbirds sang, we need the variety and even the crow is pleasant too.
    Wishing you peace and happiness

  4. Wonderful content, extremely difficult to navigate on iPad.

  5. Great information... thanks for your review and tutorial about how to comment. very nice post :)



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