Sunday, August 21

Roman and Williams

I have been hearing so much about The ACE Hotel
and have yet to get there's on my to do list

When Abigail Ahern of ATELIER Abigail Ahern
mentioned the designers 
 the other day on her blog
It needed some further investigation

Which led me to this video on  

definitely worth the watch

"It's a shame to only have dreams at night, you should have opportunities during the day"
says Stephen Alesch

What they create are timeless interiors
drawing on influences from Classical Architecture,
Asia, India and all with a heavy emphasis on texture
I love when they talk in the video about texture and how important it is to them, 
how the Arts have such a heavy focus on visual stimulus and how how limiting that seems to them.

Their interiors also have a touch of whimsy and humour so nothing feels really precious
but like somewhere you could really live
which is what a modern home should be 

You can also read 
about her studio visit to Roman and Williams.

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