Saturday, August 27

The eye of the storm

During the week, as I am sure you heard, we had a minor Earthquake here in NYC
I was on the 9th floor of a building in midtown 
and apparently the lights were swinging
I was in a lightbox approving color lab dips
and didn't notice a thing.
Many people evacuated our building
For 20 mins we decided what to do 
should we leave the office and try to get home
as maybe transit would be an issue if an aftershock came 
In the end we stayed where we were and there was really no disruption.

Now as we sit and wait for Irene to arrive 
I have to say it is all a little surreal!
I am not accustomed to natural disasters
Ireland has a lot of rain but no hurricanes or earthquakes.
This evening I went to the supermarket on the way home
and it was pretty crazy, 
empty shelves, crowds of people
It actually made me more anxious.
I am staying informed but trying not to plug in to the hype too much
Praying for a safe weekend for all

see you on the other side


  1. All will be well Helen.
    Keep away from hype and remain grounded and you will be fine. Hysteria and fear only add to distress.see you on the other side!

  2. Hi Helen
    Wishing that Irene becomes a gentle breeze. You so beautifully say it which I interpret to be "the media markets fear" a useless emotion and we must never forget our good common sense.
    To sunshine on the other side
    Helen xx

  3. Gosh, I forgot about this. We don't even live in earthquake country. Certainly out of the ordinary.



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